Testimonials from some of our loyal patients

Simply stated...how was your massage today?  "It just gets better and better".
Brenda W.

Jenny’s Story
         On October 5, 2016, I came in to see Dr. Wes.  For the past few days, I had been in a constant state of random debilitating panic.  I could not eat or drink much and had no energy to even leave my couch.  To be honest, I felt like I was dying.  That is a hard thought for a 23 year old to grasp.
         I cried my eyes out for a long time while Dr. Wes figured out what was wrong with me.  He found that my pulse was fluctuating and my heart lacked the nutrients needed to support my body and allow it to function properly.  He gave me a few supplements and within the week, I felt better.  Some symptoms then returned, so a few weeks later I saw Darcy for a BioMeridian test.  Several areas of my body were really struggling and I was immediatly given a regimen to help balance things out.
         Over the course of the past year, I have been seeing Dr. Wes and Darcy monthly, keeping up with supplement regimens as they adjust to fit my body's changing needs.  I have completely changed my diet and have been drinking my water...thanks to Penny!  I did the Standard Process Blood Sugar Cleanse twice and I have removed over 40 pounds.
         One of the things that I love about New Life Chiropractic is the way they care for people.  They genuinely want to see their clients thrive.  I am so thankful for Dr. Wes, Penny, Darcy and Dr. Rian and the way New Life Chiropractic has given me A WHOLE NEW LIFE!

Maggie’s Story
         The body is designed to heal itself and that means “any living body”…human or animal.  All living things require the same building blocks to grow, to heal and to recover.  Maggie is proof.
        The precious animals we share this world with are as susceptible to illness as we are.  Maggie is a 13 year old boxer-lab cross who has always had some “bumps” or “fatty tumors”, many but benign.  Until one day in May 2016 the benign status changed.  A tumor located on the right side of her face between her eye and her ear, ruptured open.  It was not a pretty site.  A testing of the fluid showed Stage II Melanoma Skin Cancer.  Surgery to remove the tumor was unable to produce “clean edges” meaning the cancer was still in her body.  Traditional medical options were available consisting of Chemo and Radiation therapies.  However, “other options” were also available.  So Maggie began her journey down a different road.
        The start of this road began with direct Ozone Injections and Cold Laser treatments which promoted such quick and extreme healing to the surgery site that Maggie’s “traditional” yet “open-minded” veterinarian was astonished.  Next step, nutritional healing.  Maggie’s diet had been high-quality, grain-free for approximately 5 years which is a good solid base to begin with.  However, her body’s cells now required specific nutrients in order to kill the cancer cells.  So, she began the Standard Process Cancer Supplemental Protocol.
        Dermathrophyn PMG to “distract” the skin cell attackers.  Livaplex, to aid the liver in detoxifying the cancer.  Immuplex, to boost the immune system.  Catalyn, the “multi-vitamin”, along with Thymex and Chlorophyll Complex, to handle the acute infection and inflammation.
        This daily protocol continued for seven months at which time she was taken back to her vet.  Many tests were run including the drawing of fluids from the remaining fatty tumors, blood tests and an X-Ray of the chest (to make sure a large fatty tumor located on the chest was not interfering with the function of her heart).  When all tests were completed, her body showed NO SIGN of any cancer…ALL markers were CLEAR!  She is happy, healthy, cancer-free and I love her with all my heart.
        The body is designed to HEAL ITSELF.  All we have to do is to find out what it needs.  Trust it.

Pain is trying to get our attention...
I had a gallbladder attack.  The pain was unlike anything I had experienced before.  Nauseated and unable to keep anything in my stomach but water, I almost went to urgent care, but they were closed.  I was able to get in to see a Dr. at New Life Chiropractic the next day.

The Dr. manipulated my spine, used pressure points and some liver massage and started me on the Standard Process supplement AF Betafood. The pain was GONE by 10:00pm that night and the next thing I knew, I woke up at 5:00am in the morning like NOTHING HAD HAPPENED.  I watched my diet for the next few weeks and continued the AF Betafood.  I am feeling GREAT and SYMPTOM FREE now!  Deepest thanks New Life Chiropractic!
Jeff S.
Sometimes our work seems to work against us....
One of my dental patients mentioned that I should come here to New Life Chiropractic because it would make a difference in my back pain and in my life.  Where do I begin…?
I get emotional when I think about how my health is improving and that I can both see it and feel it.  My emotions are stabilizing…menopause was hell, until now.  I feel human again and my family doesn't’t have to watch me cry, yell and get out of control!  My varicose veins and restless leg syndrome are GONE! I’m learning about trigger points and the power I have to help my pain.  The list goes on and on.

I feel this place is like family and that my life is better because of the doctors and the staff. PHENOMENAL!  I’m not just a person that’s a quick 3-minute-back-crack-visit and “here’s your bill”!  That I appreciate more than I can say.
Julie L.
Family can be the best motivator...
I must tell you all MY LIFE CHANGED when my persistent daughter made that first appointment for me at New Life Chiropractic.  It has just been a few short months and I have lost 35 lbs, I am totally off insulin and only on two prescription pills a day versus four!

I have totally changed my diet and actually added walking and exercise on a regular basis. My energy level is SKY HIGH and I can’t believe all that I can accomplish in a day! Between the Dr., my daughter and me making life saving changes, I am a totally new person!   Thank you New Life for starting me on this WONDERFUL NEW LIFE!
Katrina B.
Sometimes things pile up...
I had been having lower back pain after an injury two years ago. I was also experiencing shoulder and neck pain.  My neck and shoulder pain disappeared with the first adjustment. My lower back is so much better now. I rarely have pain or difficulty standing up. In general I feel better than I have for many years.
After I was in a vehicle accident the care and concern for me was outstanding. The doctors and staff have been awesome working through this with me. Thank you.
Pat A.
Vacations are supposed to be relaxing...
In March of 2009 I went on vacation to Hawaii.  While there I went to a luau for evening fun, I sat on the sand at a table and soon the top of my feet were burning and itching. When I looked at them, they were already starting to blister on top.  I went to the medic there and they said they had just sprayed the sand for insects, however, their opinion was that it must be something else.  They dismissed it as poison ivy.  By the next morning my feet had swelled enormously with large blisters on both.  The insect repellent was a petroleum based product that I had a reaction to.

When I returned home I was talking with a good friend who suggested that I should go to New Life Chiropractic to see if he could do anything to help me.  I did and the Dr. started my care with chiropractic adjustments, some herbal supplements, sending me to Ozone Therapy and some dietary changes.  Within just a couple of months, I was so pleased that I had “skinny ankles” again and the blisters were all gone! I think he performed a miracle!  I am able to wear standard shoes again (I could only wear sandals for all occasions)!  I wore them for the entire summer!

NEW LIFE CHIROPRACTIC is a wonderful place to get your life back!!!  My health is in better shape than it has been in years.
Thanks to all of you at NEW LIFE CHIROPRACTIC for helping me through a tough time.
Esther P.
Making the best choices we can and learning as we go...
Our daughter used to get debilitating headaches.  At three years of age she started seeing Dr. Sheader for these.  He quickly found food allergies. Simply omitting those foods from her diet -eliminated her headaches.  Whenever she gets a headache now, we start trying to locate its cause by determining the allergen which is usually food or a food additive.  It works!

I love to learn.  I am often impressed at the many new things I am taught by Dr. Sheader as I bring my family in for adjustments each month.  Even after three years of routine visits, I still am taught something new nearly every time I come.  I am thankful for his desire to continually learn and his willingness to share.

I was told by the OB that delivered my last baby that he suspected I had adenomyosis, which is endometriosos confined within the uterus.  In his opinion, the only thing to do to help is to remove the uterus.  I am quite certain that is no longer necessary – however, three and a half years ago I was sure I’d have the surgery within the year.

Our daughter has had unexplained high fevers and developmental issues since she was an infant.  No pediatrician, family practitioner, or ER person could get this recurring condition resolved.  Finally, Dr. Sheader found phenols from previous vaccines that were injected into the Gallbladder acupuncture point on her lateral thigh.  After detoxing for those, our daughter who has had fevers ranging from 103-106 every two weeks to two months over a three year period, has been “fever-free” since January 2008!  We expect she should be developmentally “right on track” by kindergarten. 
Kathy W. 
Every form of medcine has it's place...
I developed a severe case of hives in June 2006.  I tried antihistamines and topical creams with no relief.  I finally started seeing an allergy specialist after 3 weeks of constant outbreaks.  He gave me a couple of steroid shots and prescription antihistamines with little relief.  I had a full panel of allergy skin tests along with 32 allergen blood tests.  All of the results were negative.  

I followed all of the doctors’ recommendations: gave my cats away, washed all the walls in my home, had the furniture and all the carpets cleaned, changed my laundry soap, bath soap, body lotions, and did not go outside in my garden.  None of this helped.  After about 3 months of seeing the specialist once a week, he finally told me he no idea what the cause of the hives was.  The only thing he could suggest was to increase the antihistamine.  

I started seeing Dr. Sheader.  He did some important, non-invasive tests in his office and discovered I had a calcium deficiency.  He did some adjustments and started me on a nutritional supplement regime.  Within 2 weeks the hives were gone!!  I have not had ANY recurrence and I feel better than I have in a long time.  I can’t say enough about the amazing care I receive from New Life Chiropractic.  The doctors are all amazing and take care of so much more than your back!
Kelly C.
Can the worst thing lead to the best...
I met New Life Chiropractic by accident…literally!  One morning on my way to work, I was stopped at a stop light and was hit from behind by a woman who wasn't paying attention to traffic.  She was traveling at about 40 mph. at the point of impact, which caused me to hit the vehicle in front of me, and then that driver hit the car in front of him.  The collision was significant enough to total my vehicle and I was really shaken up, but I assumed since I had no cuts or visible trauma I was probably fine, so I chose not to go see a physician.

Over the course of the next four weeks, instead of getting better, I felt increasingly worse.  I have always been one of those people who choose to remain in denial about pain and discomfort, so I rationalized with myself that it would just take some time to “get back to normal”.  I had obviously expected a little soreness and stiffness following the accident, but it progressed to affect every aspect of my life.  I found that I couldn't get comfortable at my desk or in my car or even on the couch.  I was waking up a dozen times a night to adjust the position of my back and neck and hips.  I had headaches that would last for days, regardless of the ibuprofen I was taking.  I would be so stiff in the mornings when I got out of bed, I couldn't move well until I had stood in a hot shower for 30 minutes and warmed my muscles up.  I couldn’t play softball, I couldn’t deliver the material my clients needed at work, I couldn’t mow my lawn, vacuum the floor, or turn my head enough to check my blind spot while driving.  Moreover, I found myself emotionally exhausted due to all the physical stress and anxiety caused by my injuries.  By the end of the day, I felt like I couldn’t cope with small everyday problems.  Eventually, I became sick and tired of being sick and tired.  

A lady I work with told me about New Life Chiropractic, and how it had helped her whole family.  I was so fed up with all the pain, I gave in.  I called and got an appointment the same day.  I have to say, after the first visit I felt reassured that these people were the ones who could put me on the right track to getting healthy again.  After my initial evaluation, I was shocked and a little emotional to see how injured I truly was.  It’s difficult to look at the x-rays and diagrams of a “normal” human structure next to one’s own diagnostics which look so completely in contrast.  Dr. Bryce and the New Life Chiropractic team has worked with me on all levels of healing from the inside out starting with nutrition (rather, my lack thereof), to muscular and skeletal physical therapy.

It has been almost 5 weeks since I began seeing the Drs at NLC.  I have noticed such a change in my physical and emotional health.  I am sleeping better, but moreover, I am resting as I sleep.  The headaches are minimal and further between.  I can get out of bed, drive for long periods, and mop my floors again, (darn it!).  I have more energy at the end of every day, which means I cook more health-conscious dinners instead of ordering take-out.  The Dr. recommended that I do special stretches and go for more walks, and by doing that my flexibility has increased significantly.  Since I’m not in as much pain lately, I have more patience in the evening, which means I can help my son with 10th grade math, (darn it!).  New Life Chiropractic has helped me get back to the point where I can do the things I have to do, even if they are things I don’t want to do!  With the chiropractic help I have received, thankfully my body is healing but just as importantly, I appreciate the peace of mind I have knowing that everything we are working for together is non-chemical and non-invasive.  I know my whole system is safely healing while my bones and muscles are too!
Bonnie M.
Looking outside the box of my training...
I have been thoroughly impressed with the practical help received from the doctors at New Life Chiropractic.  My middle-aged body has begun surprising me with persistent, gnawing aches and pains, making it difficult to be productive and polite.  Being a strict adherent to Western medicine, (an R.N.), I believed there was no choice except to tolerate the pain.  But, to my amazement, with regular chiropractic adjustment and massage I am living mostly pain-free!  My outlook on life now is bright and clear; greatly improved.

I am so thankful for the skilled hands and minds of these three individuals.  I truly advise everyone to receive regular chiropractic and massage therapy to stay fine-tuned and healthy.
Peggy V.