Our Team


Dr. Wes Sheader - I became a doctor to help you gain control of your health and your life.  

My mission is to help as many children and their families as possible with exceptional natural health care and educate them on how to be healthy so they can educate others which allows the greatest number of people the opportunity to reach their full potential and enjoy life-long health. My goal is to care for others physically, nutritionally and emotionally. To coach and encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right, proper physical activity and by following the golden rule in all their thoughts and acts.   

A few years ago, Aetna Insurance did a review of the prior 10 years of all claims to try to show that chiropractic was expensive and not effective. However, it showed just the opposite: those who were under chiropractic care had on average $3000 per person less claims then those who were not under chiropractic care. Conclusion: paying people to go to chiropractors save the insurance companies $3000 a year per person.  So, I am literally saving lives when I help someone regain their health, and saving them and our nation money.

I did my undergraduate studies at Mesa State College leading to a B.S. degree, and then received my doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1996, which is the founding college of chiropractic.  I continued my studies and became one of only 153 Board-Certified Pediatric Chiropractic Diplomats in the world which required completing a three-year post-doctorate degree in the specialized area of Pediatrics, including pregnancy and infertility.  I have been an instructor for the International Chiropractic Association Pediatric Conferences and published articles on Attention, ADD, Learning Disorders, and Colic. Articles submitted for publication: Urinary Tract Infections, GERD.   I strive to expand my knowledge and skills and to impart these to others.  One of the ways I give back to the community is by presenting workshops on a variety of health-related topics to businesses, clubs and organizations.  I serve my profession by being the president of the Mesa County Chiropractic Association.

Personally, I love spending time with my two sons. I am one of those dads that are out climbing on the playground and enjoying it as much as the kids do. I enjoy just about any outdoor or physical activity. One of my favorite hobbies is to restore and modify old muscle cars.  I love my job--I get to see miracles happen in my patient’s lives every day!

Dr. S. Rian Campbell - It takes a lot of courage to live the life you want, but even more to take those first steps in making that happen. For Dr. Rian, those first steps led her to us.

Her life appeared to be leading her in the direction of Osteopathic medicine, but after suffering from vertigo for over a decade due to multiple head traumas as a child, Dr. Rian finally found healing from regular chiropractic adjustments.  This experience changed her mind.  As a 2016 graduate of Logan University, College of Chiropractic, Dr. Rian is passionate about determining the root cause of dysfunction and correcting it, along with helping patients to optimize their health and wellness using the healing combination of chiropractic and nutrition.

After searching for a dynamic chiropractic office with a focus on functional medicine, Dr, Rian and her little dog, Cooper, made the move to Grand Junction.  Personally, although a big St. Louis Cardinal Fan, Colorado offered many activities that Dr, Rian enjoys.  Such as spending time with favorite people, hiking and exploring new surroundings, bonfires at night and a nice strong cup of coffee.

Empowering her patients ranks high on her list.  This has lead to a powerful combination of a doctor with a strong desire to learn, from a doctor with unparalleled knowledge, who loves to teach.  As her client, you will be the recipient of a health practitioner who takes your health and wellbeing very personally.

It takes a lot of courage to live the life you want and since our clinic had chosen to wait for the perfect person to join our team, it looks like both Dr. Rian and New Life Chiropractic have taken those perfect first steps.

Specialized Testing
BioMeridan and Heart Sound Recorder
Darcy Haase, MA, CNC -  This life is about learning and that can require asking the right questions, especially when determining where your health is at.  Darcy does just that.
Change is inevitable.  Personally, although it was better for her two amazing children, 18 year old Mark Anthony and 15 year old Leanna, to remain in Florida, a move to Colorado was best for Darcy.  In 2011, with her new husband, Michael and their baby dog, Cooper, she made that move, which then opened a new door professionally.
After hearing one of the nation’s top Whole Food Nutritionists, Mark Anderson, speak, her future was decided.  The opportunity to work with Standard Process West based out of Loveland, Colorado, has taken her knowledge to new levels.  With over 17 years experience as a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Darcy has found the use of two machines invaluable in her work.  As the technician for both the Meridian Stress Assessment System, or BioMeridan as it is known and the Heart Sound Recorder, in under an hour, she is able to provide her clients with easy to read graphs showing where they stand in their overall health.

It is an honor to have expert professionals on our team and Darcy’s desire to continue to grow and learn has allowed her clients the benefit of one of the industry’s top Nutritional Consultants.  Asking the right questions…Darcy does just that.


Massage Therapy

Heather Ferganchick, LMT - Sometimes moving toward the future requires looking into the past.

Born in Wisconsin, this single mother of 5, enjoys the active outdoor Colorado lifestyle of paddle boarding, hiking and camping.  In contrast, Heather describes herself as a "traditional homemaker hobby lover".  Enjoying crocheting, canning and organic cooking, along with the daily care of her family.

Compassion and the desire to care for others comes easily to Heather and massage fulfills that beautifully.  A 2005 graduate of the IntelliTech Massage Therapy program gave Heather the skills to match her desire.  Known for its extensive, detailed training, the course provided creative ways to "learn the art of massage" such as "Blind Folded" massage practice.  Continuing her education, Heather is certified in Contemporary Cupping Therapy, Ashiatsu and is currently completing studies in both Pediatric and Pediatric with Disabilities massage.  After being self-employed and working at local spas as a massage therapist, Heather's desire to work more directly with the healing touch of massage has brought her here to us.

Now as her children grow and move into their own lives, Heather is able to use her past desires and skills as she creates her new future!

Specialized Staff

We believe in investing in our staff to better serve you. Employing highly qualified personnel and providing both professional and personal continuing education is an integral part of staff training.
Penny Lyons, PRCA, Office Manager - I started with Dr. Sheader as a patient back in 2005 and let's just say...it changed my life in numerous ways. By changing my physical health (recovery from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever), by hiring me and providing support for the expansion of my own personal growth.  Over the years I have had the blessing of developing many specialized skills.  Becoming a BioMeridian Technician, Colorado State basic X-ray training, Ozone and Cold Laser training, extensive training in exam procedures as well as Trigger Point Massage.  Now as Office Manager, I will be the first person you will meet.  My desire is to make sure that every aspect of your visit is as easy and pleasant as possible.  I will handle your appointment scheduling, paperwork, payments and educational materials.  I believe that all of life works for the good.  Doing my part in bringing that good to your life is my primary goal.


Jennifer Sambrano, Front Desk Assistant - What does it take for you to change the rhythm of your life?  For many of us , it takes quite a lot to allow change in and that is how it has been for Jenny.

A lover of music and dance, a young wife to Andy and mother to 4yr old Josh, Jenny came to New Life Chiropractic with a desperate need to change her health.  Looking for answers began with both Dr. Wes and Dr. Rian, but as more complex issues surfaced, detailed testing was requested with Darcy Haase.  Although only 23 years old, with the information received from both the BioMeridian and Heart Sound Recorder tests, Jenny's heart showed major disruptions confirming both doctor's findings.  In order to get this condition in line, life changes were required and lets just say that Jenny...
"stepped up to the plate".  The decisions she made were like "hitting a home run" and include many choices that most people would only choose to do "one at a time".  First, healthy lifestyle choices for both the family and herself, a move from Eagle to a new home in Grand Junction, a new church, a new job for her husband and Jenny's first office position here with us.  The new evening shift allows Jenny important time with her son and gives us the gift of her assistance for our clients.
As our clinic goes through its own growth, we wonder, "what does it take for you to change the rythm of your life"?  We would say, an open mind, a belief in something greater than yourself , and a strong sense of purpose and service to others.  Just ask Jenny...after all she is dancing to her own new song!