Stem Cell Information

If you’re tired of daily pain, not being able to do what you want because your body can’t keep up, or dealing with chronic disease, stem cell and platelet therapy can help you! 

Regenerative Therapy can help you avoid surgery, medications, and actually improve your health. 

How does it work?     

Stem cells and platelet rich plasma are natural and safe products that boost our own immune system. This allows healing and regeneration. Damaged tissues will be able to repair and regenerate! Patients wishing to avoid medications and surgery can benefit. Patients who want to feel alive again, want to participate fully in active lives, and live without limiting pain can also greatly benefit. 

What are Common conditions treated by regenerative medicine?

They include: 

Shoulder, Knee and Back pain, Tendonitis, Arthritis, Hair Loss, Neuropathy, Chronic Disease, and more!

Are you looking for a life changing event that restores your health and allows a fresh start? 

We will assist you in preparing your body so  you can achieve the maximal benefit from the regenerative medicine treatment . Dr. Sheader and Dr. Wilson will evaluate your injuries, dysfunctions, and any health concerns during the consultation and examination.  

They will work  with you to develop a treatment plan that is just right for you. 

Please call our office at 970-254-2954 for a Regenerative Medicine consultation.