Healthy Pregnancy and Births in Grand Junction

Natural Childbirth.....the way it was always intended

Getting knowledge you can trust is a priceless gift.  Dr Wes Sheader is one of the few Infant and Pediatric Chiropractic Diplomates in the world and this additional training is the gift he can pass on to you.
For additional assistance, Dr Wes reccomends:
Childbirth Awarness
     William Dwelley, Registered and Certified Midwife
     Specializing in Safe Home BIrth/Water Birth
     21225 Uncompahgre Road
     Montrose, CO  81401
     970-249-5125  cell 970-596-2531

Two Rivers Birth
     Laurel Carpenter
     749 Rood Avenue, Suite B
     Grand Junction, CO  81501
     Services offered:                           Classes offered:
     Birth Doula                                      Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis
     Hypno Doula                                    Birth Boot Camp
     Placenta Encapsulation                    Achieving Your VBAC

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

Health begins before birth...


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Appointment spaces are available with both Dr Wes and Dr Laci
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