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Hello and welcome to New Life Chiropractic.  We specialize in providing safe, gentle, effective chiropractic healthcare to children and their families in Grand Junction, Colorado, and beyond. 
Effective April 1st we will have new office hours,
Monday-Friday 9am-2pm.

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Dr. Wes is now a Young Living
Essential Oils distributor.

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New Life Chiropractic in Grand Junction...
Our mission at New Life Chiropractic is to help
your child and you reach optimum health.
Truth About Vaccinations
(Tedd Koren, D.C.)
p-to-date information on the dangers of vaccination. Make sure your informed before you make this vital health decision.
Preventing Swine Flu
The National Vaccine Information Center recommends these 10 easy steps to help prevent and treat the flu naturally:
Dr. Wes was recently interviewed by
 NBC11 News TV

In the interview Dr Wes talks about his practice and innovative treatment options as a Grand Junction Chiropractor. 

Excerpt of the interview here
Meridian Stress Assessment
This revolutionary tool provides objective patient data which assists in determining what major systems and organs of the body are stressed or weakened, what homotoxicological phases are potentially in process, and what symptoms may be present within the identified phase.  (more)

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET):
 A life transforming technique that releases emotional "charges" from the cellular memory, and allows optimal healing and health. (see video and read more)
New! A No-Fail Way to Get a Proven Speaker for Your Business, Club or Organization’s Next Meeting
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Testimonial Spotlight: 
Esther P.
In March of 2009 I went on vacation to Hawaii. While there I went to a luau for evening fun, I sat on the sand at a table and soon the top of my feet were burning and itching. When I looked at them, they were already starting to blister on top. I went to the medic there and they said they had just sprayed the sand for insects, however, their opinion was that it must be something else. They dismissed it as poison ivy. By the next morning my feet had swelled enormously with large blisters on both.
read the rest of Esther's testimonials here
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Dr. Sheader has become a distributor for the Isagenix products.
The Isagenix™ Cleansing And Fat Burning System
Cleanse your body to create an environment for wellness so you can finally achieve your health objectives. Our system allows you a choice of programs to match your goals and lifestyle.
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New Life Chiropractic Library
Our in-office library is available for you to check out books, videos and tapes free of charge on topics such as parenting, self-improvement, nutrition, and adult and children's health issues.   

Children's Health Information
Our reliable sources for frequently updated Children's Health Information:

The National Vaccine Information Center  
You can sign up for free e-news.  The NVIC mission is "Protecting the health and informed consent rights of children since 1982."

The ICPA Research Foundation  
(International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) offers a fantastic Family Wellness First Newsletter in addition to numerous articles and research base.

Monthly Workshops and Free Demonstrations by Grand Junction Chiropractors at New Life Chiropractic
A great time to introduce how we care for children and their families is at our monthly workshop.  Bring a family member or friend who needs a little encouragement to help them understand the benefits of Chiropractic healthcare.
check out the Calendar to find out more!
Nutrition, baby care, low back supports, heel lifts, and pillows are some of the products available at New Life Chiropractic. Also access past issues of our quarterly Newsletter "The Nibbler" and bi-monthly e-newsletter "Children's Health News Flash and Exclusive E-mail Contact".  To learn more, click here: Products
Schedules and/or information available at New Life Chiropractic:
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Wes Sheader, D.C., D.I.C.C.P. - Grand Junction Chiropractor
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Dr. Jeff for being
chosen as the
Neurologic Relief
Center representative
for all of Western Colorado!
Each Patient Carries His Own Doctor Inside Him.
We are best when we
give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to work.
Albert Schweitzer M.D.


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